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iTrade Media is an innovative Barter Exchange Network For Businesses & Marketers. We revolutionize the way thousands of brands and businesses of all sizes can trade their unused inventory for marketing opportunities across different channels and platforms, all for free.

Reasons to Partner with iTM

Innovative Business Solutions

We revolutionize the way millions of brands and businesses trade their unused inventory for proven marketing solutions. Companies are able to reduce costs and reach thousands of new customers as they take advantage of unused inventory to fill their next campaign.


We always strive to make things happen for our clients fast and friction-free. We are able to prioritize and support customers to save time, effort, and money, while achieving key business objectives.

Growth Partner

Our teams have developed strong, collaborative relationships with our media clients to ensure we can get the advertising our clients need on a barter basis. We are also experts in assisting marketers and media firms in filling otherwise available space in exchange for goods and services through the use of barter exchange. Our team undergoes regular training and seminars that keep them updated with industry needs, trends, and best practices.

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